Zeta Versus Monique

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ggurls like you've never seen them before

In this corner we have the 5 time featured Zeta Banx! Annnnd in the other corner we have the new comer Monique Shanelle. Both are gorgeous from head to toe and both dont' mind showing off their bodies. Did we do Zeta unfair by not showing her titties? We don't think so but you might.

Either way, what do you think? Zeta or Monique. Poll at bottom, right after the pictures.

Zeta Banx by Inergee Studios
WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3804 WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3851


Monique Shanelle by Alcole Studios
Monique Shanelle Moniqueshanelle 1 Monique Shanelle Moniqueshanelle 7

Zeta Versus Monique

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