Xylanthia Vs Kar Kar

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ggurls like you've never seen them before

Now this time I made SURE the two would be hard to choose from. We've also included polls at the bottom of each post now so we can see the results in pure numbers. But to be truthful we'd rather see comments, shows more participation and so far it's be good. Now on to the two contestants.

First we have Xylanthia (nice name!) and her think body in nothing but paint. So basically she's naked. Then we have Kar Kar who is naked. Both had hits when they first came to the site. Which one is hitting harder? You choose.

Instagram: @xylanthia_katrese by Photographer: @lsfotography1
Xylanthia1 Xylanthia


Kar Kar by GGurls
Karkar2 Karkar9

Xylanthia Vs Kar Kar

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