You ain't going wrong with booty shaking videos bro. You know it and we know it. You like that shit. It will never go out of style. So we caught some freaks on Instagram who love to shake those asses and we put together this quick, well 4 minute, video of just that.

Had to get her. Kiss Wowie is a bad motha'fucka. Body is on point and it's real too, nothing fake here. Besides her pretty ass face, her booty is the best thing on her. Then those legs. Those titites ain't bad neither. Damn, we guess we're saying she's a top notch woman. Take a look at this quick video we made of her.

We already had this super nice big booty girl, Andrea Abeli on here completely naked. Click this sentence right here to see that article. Now we have a video of this nice white round booty being played with by a topless girls with nice titties. You have to take a look at it. It's quick but it's still very much worth a look.

Here's one with a gimmick. Ashley Davis has this thing about showing her literal ass off in public. She'll go somewhere and then pull her pants down while someone quickly snaps a picture. Makes for some very interesting photos and engaging conversations on social media. We're a fan of it. In fact, she should do it much more.

I'm not sure what to name this. I said "thong" in the title, but I can't remember if she had on thongs or something else. All I can remember is she was sexy as fuck, walking in whatever she had on. Pretty nice little video highlighting her nice body. I like it, you do too.

You will not deny this ass no matter how much you like or don't like ass. Strella Bella got an ass on her and her entire timeline on IG is full of ass. If you like ass (and we know you do) then Strella needs to your next follow immediately.

Nothing like a nice looking woman with a phat ass. Nothing like that same woman willing to show it off for the world to see. Hey if you got it, why not? Badd Bunnie has a nice big ass and it looks like it's definitely her money maker. We're not mad at you, please continue to show off that booty as much as you can. We'll always be watching.

People have a thing for a white woman with a nice big round booty. So this girl named Kendra Karter should really get you going if that's your thing. She does have a nice ass along with a nice everything else. She loves to tease you with it with lots of videos. We put together some of her videos to make one big one, just like that ass of hers.

Last article we talked about a nice perfect booty. This article we're going to do the same thing. However this time we're going to talk about a chick named Desy Gato. She has a nice round ass and several videos she's posted showing it off. We put three of them together and made one nice one.

Don't know if this is real but everybody says it is. This is India Love Westbrook in a naked (nude) selfie video showing off her unbelievably body. Her breast and ass are perfect. Such a cute ass girl with such a name frame. We don't know if this classifies as a sextape but whatever you call it, I bet you like it. Funny, this video came out the same time she has a new song out with Will.I.Am called "Pretty".

Been posting a lot of Sara Gold in the last 6 months of so. She has a very thick curvy body that's very pleasant to look at just to say the least. She loves to show off her booty which is a big plus around here. Apparently she doesn't mind showing off her body on video either. We found this gem of a video of her on the internet, lying naked in bed.

Remember that shoot we post of Yiminx that 2020 photography did recently? The one with her naked with nothing but paint on? It was pure fire right? Well we've now acquired the video to that shoot and to be honest, it's even better than the pictures. You can see Yiminx clear as day and those nipples are right up in your face.

Taylor Hing, better known as Chinese Kitty is a hot commodity on social networks. With a pretty face and the body of a goddess, it's easy to see why. We have done several post on her including a nude one. We recently ran across this video of her walking down the street showing off her titties through a see through outfit. Killer! Check it out.

You gotta showcase a booty like this when you see it. Thicky Minaj is thick as her name suggest but that ass is something special. It's thick and shapely, it's not fat. Well it's a "fat ass" but not unsightly. You gotta take a look at this thing. She's sexy all over but that ass has it's own zip code of sexiness. Thanks for showing that motha'fucka off Thicky.

We've featured the ever loving big booty, long tongue KKSVH on here before. Twice in fact. But she updates with great content all the time. She now has 1.2 million followers on Instagram as of this writing. We remember when she only had like 20k followers, like just last year.

Guess what's the hardest thing to do about updating? The thing I hate most. Well actually now that I think of it, it's the second thing I hate most. It's finding something to write about each article/girl. Sometimes I have to put together a story for the pictures and videos after searching all over to get them. I have to somehow string them together through similarities.

This might be old but we've never seen it before. Kash Doll Nude is a must post, because I know we haven't seen it, a lot of people haven't. Then we got a bonus after searching for more from this set. She actually accidentally showed those titties, and you know how much we love titties around here. Gotta say, hers are pretty nice.

Stitched together 10 videos of 12 Instagram models getting ready to shoot or just taking a quick video while shooting. If you ever wondered why dudes love to be a photographer you are about to see exactly why. You see, you see the finished product, which is a few pictures of a bad ass girl right? But as a photographer you are around this girl for hours, while she change clothes and just walk around you.

How did I miss this? I know I've seen her on social media a lot but for some reason I've never posted her. Well mistake corrected, Clarissa is now on here with a very pretty ass to boot. I mean damn, that's a nice round bright bubble right there. Check it out homie.

Remember 'Fitness Keyy'? We posted her a while back. She had a nice body and a very nice booty. Let me find that link and post it here. Anyway. she now goes by 'Krackin Ass Keyy' and she loves to make videos shaking her ass. She even made a naked booty video in one of those full suit pajamas that has a flap on the booty.

Don't know who they are but they are from some Snapchat pages that are going around the web. A couple of them look very familiar but you know we can't remember shit. So if you're so good, which we KNOW a lot of you are. Name any of these girls so we can find out. Much appreciated Señors and Señoritas.

You know how much we love titties around here... Never understood all the uptightness about showing the female breast and/or nipples on these social networks. With knowing how much we like it, you can imagine how much we like Tekesia aka Pyteee who has a very big and nice chest. Her nipples are amazing.

Finally got her. Been trying to post Jessica Neli Babez on here for a minute, but because her page is private on Instagram it's harder to get her pictures. However since we follow her we were able to log into a desktop and get them. Webmaster's secret. So here is that nice phat ass she loves to show off in one video collage.

She's nasty and you're going to love her (and you know it). Her name is Lex Bee and she calls herself: "The Queen of Thotland". There is nothing wrong with a sexy girl having some naughty nasty naked fun people. In fact it's why you're on this site so shut it. We gathered some videos of Lex Bee from only her Instagram account, nowhere else.

How did I skip Mad Girl Kris? Somebody this damn sexy and curvy should have been on here a long time ago. I mean, look at her body and her great shape. That booty match her entire frame too and what a nice ass it is. We had to get some cell phone shots and video to honor this one people.

Such a cute ass girl. Yasmine Lopez is as fun loving as she is cute. You'll see once you take a good look at this quick video we through together in her honor. What's better than a cute fun loving girl with some very nice titties? Almost nothing nephew. Take a good look at her. We'll keep an eye on her for you.

Another girl I would have sworn was on here already. Ashley Davis got it going on fam. She got ass and titties and she teases you just enough where you won't get pissed off because she didn't show you enough. We're going to search the net soon to see if there is something out there that might reveal more of them juicy ass titties she got.

Sabrina Marie got a big booty. A big juicy booty at that. Seems this girl (I think it's model Blu Gem) seems to be having a lot of fun rubbing on it too. Maybe it's oil for a photo shoot or maybe it's because she just wants to. Either way it's fun for all of us viewers. That booty is big and nice.

Super big booty Sara Gold has a lot of videos out. So we did you a favor and put them all together to give you one big collage of the pretty and nice big booty girl. Don't say we never gave you anything because actually we give you everything for free. Make sure you follow her on Instagram.

Ily Nae is fine as fuck. Her social media stay lit and she doesn't mind being naked at all. Makes her a perfect fit for GGurls huh? It does so much that this is her second post in a short period of time. She has a nice body, booty and spirit. Check her out. She's just as bad as we described.

We think Pumma Santiago is fine as hell. She has a body that's out of this world and a nice fat ass that match. Don't believe us? Then check this video out that proves what we're saying. Watch her slowly tease you with that plump booty of hers. It's super nice fam, don't deny it.

Finally did it. We had a 'private' Snapchat before where we did this and Problems with both with rules and bullshit and merchant payment systems. allows you to post stuff other sites don't. So if you like our private Snapchat then it's time for you to join our Onlyfans page. It'll be updated and uncensored on the regular.

This is one you can't miss. We posted Snow a few weeks ago I believe. She was stunning. She took some very hot pictures showing off her nipples in a see through shirt. Instant hard on by anyone looking (or wetness by girls who like girls). So to our delight we found a video of her sitting on a bathtub completely naked and rolling her tongue.

Made an article about Boss Tec a few months ago. But it was just some links to punk ass Instagram (man I can't wait until that shit plays out). She's updated since then and now I want something that I know will stay on the website just in case bitch ass IG deletes her videos or page even. You know those bitches will eventually do it.

Erika Eclass made a very, hmmmm? Let's see if I can find the word. Interesting? Yeah, that's it. Interesting video of her with green alien heads painted all over her. She then walks outside and twerks with nothing but the paint on. Now I don't get what's going on, but it's still very cool to watch regardless.

Actually Ashlee Monroe has been on here twice already with pictures from C Clark Studios. Those were bad as fuck. But when it's a girl that's this fucking fine you have to keep up to date with her and post her new stuff. Looks like she's chilled from shooting professional pictures a lot but her social timeline is always filled with new selfies and videos.

Zelie got a nice booty on her and she's a cutie with a nice smile. You already know you can't trust her. But rather you can trust her or not is not the question. The question is how do you rate that booty? Me? I give it a nice 8 and 1/2 to a 9. Hit the "she's fine" button if you agree.

Courage of 2020 Photography said he just discovered this girl. What a nice find he got. That's one of the best things about being a known photographer. You'll find girls like Felicia Soares who want to shoot with you. It's a win, win, win. One for the girl, the photographer and us the viewers.

Notice we've been getting a lot of search engine traffic from the keyword Lissa Aires from our other post about her. It's not hard to see why though is it..? Turns out Lissa is sort of an exhibitionist if not just a straight up adult actress. Now of course I won't post any of the x-rated stuff here but it's a lot of good stuff she has out that doesn't show sex or a sexual act.

Yes! After recently posting Advoree, I was complaining that I couldn't get pictures of her naked titties. Then pow! My boy Jeremy @tank_jd sent me a link to a video of her of a video of her exposing them beautiful things. Put this up as soon as I got up today lol. This you have to see.

Saw these on our Instagram page, which is ran by @themswhite. The Cam King captured Herrina in some very sexy poses. When I went through her account, I found some other great shots. She likes to remind you that Asians can have booty too. We already knew that though, as all races of women are gorgeous and have their own beautiful assets.

I kind of got away from posting funny shit or stuff just not the norm for here. Think I'll get back to it if it's worthy enough. This one lives up to the humor. I take this girl is mad at her boyfriend for buying her a happy meal and makes a very unnecessary scene in front of everybody. This looks like the type of girl who does that type of shit because she wants to get fucked hard.

Been meaning to post Katya Elise Henryfor a while now and then kept forgetting her name. How I forgot her name is beyond me as she is unforgettable. I also think she might have a near perfect booty if you like that type. She's good all over, don't get me wrong, but the booty sticks out the most and then it's that pretty ass face and flat stomach.

You know you're bold when you strip down and walk naked through a strip mall in public. You probably think I'm making this up but this girl did this at this shoot which was years ago (yes it's a throwback). But even though it's a throwback, It didn't get a lot of attention because of the format I was using then.

Now to be one hundred percent honest, I don't know the value of this video. Lots of times when making a new article, we have to use Google just like you for more information. When we Googled 'Bitches Luv GiGi' fine ass, we saw some porn in the mix. Seems she was actually giving head to a lucky guy.

Ms Fernandes is gettting very well known. Her titties are getting very well known right along with her. At first, in a previous post, I thought I found a gem with some naked shots of her, but it seems that she has a lot of these pictures floating around and this is like the 20th person who have sent us pics about her.

We got her. Always thought Bunnie Barreras was really fine. She has a body so curvy it looks like a moutain's road. It's really unbelievable. Been following her on social networks for a minute, so when the homie who runs the page @baddie_room sent me this video of her showing off her gorgeous titties...

While uploading these pictures of Ariiela Lalangosta my mass upload program told me I already had her pictures here. How? I would always remember a girl who looked like this with a nice phat ass. Ariiela has a big juicy booty that you can't stop staring up. That's a huge booty right there son.

Again. Thought we been posted Giselle Lynette on here. Seems it's a lot of women we thought we had but do not. So here we go, we had to fix that oversight because Giselle Lysette is the perfect type female to be posted on She's fine from head to toe and has one of the nicest asses ever.

If you're fucking with Aniyah then you're fucking with the A-list. She's top notch and she'll let you know. She's fun loving and it's so good because she's also sexy with a big booty. In the first part of the video she's twerking in front of the police without a care in the world lol. Good to see people who know that all police ain't bad.

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