Shakira - Throwback

ggurls like you've never seen them before

Shak0I had these on I took them way before I made that site though but never released these ones from this shoot.

If you've been a long time viewer here then you probably seen a couple from this set of Shakira. Just not these ones. I remember when I first met Shakira. She came over to do a shoot at my house before I had a studio and I couldn't believe how fine she was when she was getting out her car. Pretty and body and to match. Shakira was one of my favorite 'girlfriends' back when I was shooting a lot. Miss her.

Photographer: @ggurls



Shak Shak1 Shak2 Shak3 Shak4

And of course the infamous Shakira pic: 

Shakira Ggurls 1

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