We think Rolanda Baker is fine as fuck. And after you see these pictures you will too. In this particular set by J. Alex, Rolanda is wearing a see through night gown that actually shows off her super pretty titties. This girl is so pretty in the face it's stunning. You're getting a nice blessing with these pictures. Take a look homie.


How did we miss this gem. How is it we never heard of Valentina Ferraz, seeing how she loves to be naked and she's this damn good looking? Well, the drought is over, because we got some good shots of Valentina Ferraz, topless and bottomless. Her body looks damn near perfect too. Those tan lines are sexy as fuck.

Let's face it some of these girls are stupid. Stupid as fuck. They don't know how to make money off what they're doing for basically free. You ever see a girl online and she has an Onlyfans or similar site link in her bio? You click it, thinking, "Yeah, I'm about to see the good stuff finally" right? Then the page opens up and you see a price tag of 30 dollars a month! Maybe even more. You click right off that shit.

Scroll down. See that new box at the bottom for comments? Yup it's Facebook. So if you're logged on to Facebook go ahead and drop a comment on any article. Make sure you tick that box so it appears on your FB page. Help us out and get more of the word out. The Disqus commenting box is still there too, just switch the tab.

This is like a mystery for real. While checking on some key words to rank for, the term Desixchick came up. So of course a quick Google search followed. Get this though, not much came up. Not even under pictures. The only information we got is, she's a very curvy chick from India. That's it.

Definitely trying to see her naked. These teasing ass censored pictures are pissing us off. We know she had to do it for the sake of Instagram but dammit, get on Twitter and post 'em uncensored. Can't wait for punk ass Instagram to go the way of Myspace. Let's get Twitter back popping...

This is a one shot. Arrah Lynn naked ass shot by Courage of 2020photography. She has a very nice round ass and we're glad she lets everybody see it. If she told you to kiss her ass, what would you do? Yeah, you'd do it wouldn't you? Thought so. Of course you would.

Love Destiny Skye, very sexy and very exotic looking with nice fat titties and a nice big ass. Okay Destiny, I know you're going to see this and you already know we've been rocking with you and promoting you since our old Instagram was deleted. It's all love and we're sending people your way.

Made a deal with Pumma Santiago super bad ass (and sometimes naked lol). I can post her selfies on our onlyfans if I promote her. Haven't posted too many but I can't leave you guys hanging. So here are some pro ones from photographer J. Alex. Want more? Click that link below.

In a good way. Lanae Brielle is nasty and freaky and she has an onlyfans account that proves it. Now we're going to be a little safe and post the stuff we normally post on here... But if you check out her Twitter you'll get a quick preview of what we mean. If you join her onlyfans page you'll get it all. Beware, she's a nasty little sexy girl.

This is funny. As famous as Rosa Acosta is, we've never had her on this site. Why is that? Don't know. Problem corrected however with this rare video of her posing completely naked on a couch (or a sofa if you're south of Ohio). She's careful to keep those goodies hidden but it's still a great look.

Supposedly these are nude pictures of the Duchess of Sussex and British royalty, Meghan Markle. Of course the British royal family denies it, saying it's not her, but if it is so what? It's not like it's a sex tape or anything. It's just pictures of her on the beach with a few friends going topless. I wish people would quit making a big deal out of simple nudity.

Oooh I remember this one. Back when I first started to shoot, in my basement no less. I had very little clue as to what I was doing, as you can tell in the pictures below. I didn't know how to focus and I didn't know the importance of backgroud, hair and makeup. I was experimenting with light. What I did have however, was a jumping Facebook page and a great online presence, which apparently was enough to get girls to come shoot with me.

Got a gem for you! Sent to us by one of our loyal followers. You know how we get a lot of models who'll always show booty but almost never show nipples? Well two of them you've always wanted to see, Anna Matthews and Flower Bomb did a photo shoot shoot with someone recording on the side from their cell phone.

Okay, starting off with the sexy celebrity updates, we're going to go back first. Never knew that Christina Milian pulled her shorts down on cable tv and got her butthole waxed and bleached. Wow. This happened a few years ago on the E! Network. I mean she's actually face down and naked ass up. Most of you already saw this, but we're quite sure a lot of you haven't.

Going to start this back up... It's good for Google and SEO purposes, putting celebrity updates on here. But I'll only keep it to sexy female celebrities. So now I have to catch up on some things. Things I'm certain a lot of you saw, however since I haven't, I'm quite sure that means a lot of you haven't either. Here's a photo set of Karrueche Tran in a bikini with her legs spread open.

Just did a feature on Shanty Franco a few weeks ago. She's the girl with a very nice ass. One that she poses with naked on Instagram. You will, without doubt, drool, when you see the shape and roundness of her booty. She's not just about booty though, shes a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 in looks. Well, she recently posted two more pictures from her shoot with 2020 photography.

West coast photographer J (Jermaine) Alexander has soared to popularity taking glamour pictures of hot girls and bad ass strippers. He's especially making a reputation for taking pictures of groups of girls. He has had several pictures go viral around the internet. Ever seen a group of naked girls line up in a photo shoot?

Anybody can have religion. While some people look down on strippers they can be religious too. Who are you to judge? Well these particular strippers have their own religion I guess. Listen to what they are praying for. They better hope it ain't a hell for real lol. Take a listen.

Love these fit girls with these super nice asses. What's even better. When they can stretch like some Laffy Taffy and put that booty in an absolutely spectacular postion. Yaela heart can do such things, and her booty is even better than I just described. So round and nice looking you might get caught staring at these pictures if you're in public.

Very weird thing happened. You see, whenever I find a girl to post, and I'm not on the laptop, I screen shot it. I saw Paola Skye and her nice ass on Instagram just two days ago. Screen shot it. This morning I went looking for her page, and bam! Punk ass Instagram deleted her page.

Bet. Now name this girl. So far ya'll have been doing really good at this. Even the girls I thought nobody would get was answered in a matter of one hour! Ok, so I'm going to do it again and say, this is a hard one, and we would be really impressed if somebody got this one right. She went by one name and she was 22 when she shot these about 7 years ago.

Here we go again. Name this old GGurl and get a free 30 day subscription to our onlyfans page. See that banner on top? That's the page. Oh, you want that. It's the good stuff. Now take a look at the girl in this post. You have to have been on here about 6 years ago to figure who she was.

Its been a long time since we did gossip and news, we left that up to our sister site Prettystatus.com. Kind of miss it, but the webmaster there (who also does the updates on here) does a pretty good job. If you follow us on Twitter then you know how much we despise Trump and all that he stands for.

Just got these two shots of a fine ass Arya Jade showing off an extremely pretty booty. She had more pictures but we like to keep a common theme going on in one article. She's so fucking bad though, we already know we'll be posting much more soon. We're no exaggerating either, take a look down.

Apparently I've been making this easy. Or should I say, Google image search has been. So I'm going to start disabling the past articles on these girls I post for the contest OR just find a way to make it super hard. Name this girl, first and last name she goes by and win a free 30 day subscription to our onlyfans page.

Ok, here we go again. Name this girl and win a free 30 day subscription to our onlyfans page. You have to make your own account there. Give us her modeling name. This one may be a hard one. I'll throw a few hints your way. Actually there's not to many hints I can give you. All I can say is she got me lol, can't say how but she did.

Now this is a great one. But then again, some of y'all be on it. Naming chicks that even I forgot. I know who this one is and supposedly she dabbled in porn after modeling. Not sure of that, but that's what I heard. This is the contest, be the first to name her in the comment section, correctly, and win a 30 day subscription to our onlyfans page.

Some of y'all think you're slick huh? Seeing if I'm using the original name of the pictures for the answer? Nope, been thought of that. Here's the deal. Be the first to name this girl IN THE COMMENT section below and win a 30 day subscription to our onlyfans.com/ggurls page.

This is NOT the contest lol... You win nothing if you name her. It's a legitimate question. Who is she? Keep seeing these two pictures all over Twitter (cause Twitter is where it's at again, fuck Instagram). Even did a Google image search and it came back saying it's probably Ciera Rogers, but we know it's not. One of y'all know.

Here we go again! Here's how this work... Be the first to name this old GGurl and win a free 30 day subscription to our onlyfans page, which features uncensored pictures and videos, submitted by the hotties you love. You have to leave your comment here, and even if you see another comment naming her, give it a shot anyway, they may be wrong.

Heeeyy people are loving this series. Getting great feedback on it, just need you guys to leave your answers HERE and not on our social media pages. This is how it works, be the first to name the girl in these pictures IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW and you win a free 30 day subscription to our uncensored onlyfans page!

You already know how fine Yiminx is, for that matter you should know how fine Lani Honey is. Both of them are featured on here, with Yiminx having several features. Use that search button above if you want to see those two some more. Here we have a nice two shot feature of them both, naked in a tub with their booties poked out.

Yeah now this one is a TOUGH ONE! Bet nobody gets this one, and if you do then you have been rocking with us for a super long time. Almost the 11 years we've been doing this. This is the free 30 day subscription onlyfans contest. If you can tell us her name, you win it, and you'll see all the uncensored pictures and videos of GGurls on our onlyfans.

Alrighty, I got some advertising to do because this seems to be a great idea. I got some DMs from some people saying they love this idea and I can see from just several comments that it makes people interested. So I KNOW this is a hit and it's something we're going to keep doing. Name this girl and win a free 30 day subscription to our Onlyfans.com/ggurls page.

Site is doing well, but like everything else in life, it can do better. Much better. Know what I really want? Comments! Participation. So a great idea crossed my mind. Hold an ongoing contest in which the person who wins gets a free 30 day subscription to our Onlyfans page! Click the banner above. Oh yeah this is a winner.

I meant to put this up last night but I got kind of tired. I figured I put enough up to hold you over until another day. Well Kita Reign was worth the wait huh? You like 'em super thick but not fucking fat? Well here you go. Thick and curvy with nice humps in the right places.

Nothing like a very cute and sexy girl that's also a freak. You ever heard of Diamond Monrow? (If you're a regular viewer here you should have). However if you haven't you have now. Diamond is a porn star, so when you join her onlyfans page you get the good stuff! And we mean it's good too. Can't post porn here, but go check her page out. it's very much worth it.

Been fucking with KB (Khrystina Burgess ) Wonderland for a while now. She's a very nice looking chick with a nice body and a very nice butt. She's GGurl material because she's not afraid to get naked on you. Not nasty but naked. Well now she has an Onlyfans page that has nice exclusive content that you'll love.

We love Onlyfans.com as you can tell by the advertising around here. Our goal is not only show you ours but to network with the hotties to also give your theres. Our latest hottie with a fire ass profile on onlyfans.com is Chanel Rose. She's gorgeous beyond belief and she's a little freak too. You'll love her page, trust us.

You ever look at a chick from the front and see a lot of hip and then you automatically can picture what the ass look like? Well take a look at Raychiel "the Invader" and tell us how in the fuck is her hips and ass that big (we already know actually)..? Actually ran across a picture of this girl from somebody else's Tweet talking about how big her booty was.

Telling you all.. This Only Fans things is popping. Big time. It's the new thing and you should jump on board fam. Our page is lit (it's ads all over this site so click on them fool!) and like I promised, well find and collaborate with sexy girls to promote theirs and get exclusive content from them to put on ours.

This Only Fans thing is the shit. So not only am I'm going to advertise ours but I'm going to hook up my homies like Snow Black's (who's been down with us since forever) page too. You know Snow (that rhymed). She's the ridicously curvy cutie with the nicest lips I ever saw. Wanna see some special pictures? Click the link under this introduction.

Curious family. What do you think of Irene Quinn's naked booty? Personally I think it's nice. You see, there is this big argument about size versus shape. She doesn't have a big booty but it's nicely shaped right? This white girl has a nice shaped ass and that's all that should matter right? Check it out.

Yes! When we first put pictures of Denise Taray up, I was hoping eventually she would get naked. I mean, look at her. You couldn't help buy wonder what she'd look like completely naked. So it was with great pleasure to finally see some naked pictures of her posted. Here are three hot ones.

Make no mistake. These are for the sake of search engines. Sometimes you gotta do that. We know you've probably seen these and we also know that several of these are fake. But like we said, it's for a specific reason. So here are pictures of a naked Nicki Minaj real and phony.

Now this is one girl I never talked to or met in any kind of way. She was never featured on here either. Nothing against Amber Fox, but for some reason, although I knew who she was, her fine ass just slipped under the radar. She was super active around 10 years ago, and she was one of the first who ushered in the so called urban glamour industry.

This one kind of means something to me. I used to talk to either Amber Easton or someone who was pretending to be her all the time, via the phone and Twitter. I always suspected it might not have been her but it was certain things she did that kind of proved it. I pasted her all around this site,

Ladies, have you ever been called any of the following adjectives still don't quite understand what any of those are really supposed to mean when coming from the tongue of a guy? The reason is, there are very subtle, yet distinct features between being “hot,” “attractive,” “pretty,” “beautiful,” “cute,” and, finally, “sexy” girls.

Wow is she really cute! This is Shamayne G a cutie with a really nice booty. She doesn't get all the way naked but she likes to tease you with her innocent little facial expressions and by gyrating her butt in the camera. Like I always say, you don't need to have a big butt, you just need a nice one.

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