I meant to put this up last night but I got kind of tired. I figured I put enough up to hold you over until another day. Well Kita Reign was worth the wait huh? You like 'em super thick but not fucking fat? Well here you go. Thick and curvy with nice humps in the right places.

Nothing like a very cute and sexy girl that's also a freak. You ever heard of Diamond Monrow? (If you're a regular viewer here you should have). However if you haven't you have now. Diamond is a porn star, so when you join her onlyfans page you get the good stuff! And we mean it's good too. Can't post porn here, but go check her page out. it's very much worth it.

Been fucking with KB (Khrystina Burgess ) Wonderland for a while now. She's a very nice looking chick with a nice body and a very nice butt. She's GGurl material because she's not afraid to get naked on you. Not nasty but naked. Well now she has an Onlyfans page that has nice exclusive content that you'll love.

As you might can tell, we're fans of onlyfans.com. We got several girls who are down with us in networking and giving you great content. One of those girls is Miss Baddie X. She was so bad that when she hit us up we couldn't believe she was real. She proved it with a proof video. Since then?

We love Onlyfans.com as you can tell by the advertising around here. Our goal is not only show you ours but to network with the hotties to also give your theres. Our latest hottie with a fire ass profile on onlyfans.com is Chanel Rose. She's gorgeous beyond belief and she's a little freak too. You'll love her page, trust us.

You ever look at a chick from the front and see a lot of hip and then you automatically can picture what the ass look like? Well take a look at Raychiel "the Invader" and tell us how in the fuck is her hips and ass that big (we already know actually)..? Actually ran across a picture of this girl from somebody else's Tweet talking about how big her booty was.

Telling you all.. This Only Fans things is popping. Big time. It's the new thing and you should jump on board fam. Our page is lit (it's ads all over this site so click on them fool!) and like I promised, well find and collaborate with sexy girls to promote theirs and get exclusive content from them to put on ours.

This Only Fans thing is the shit. So not only am I'm going to advertise ours but I'm going to hook up my homies like Snow Black's (who's been down with us since forever) page too. You know Snow (that rhymed). She's the ridicously curvy cutie with the nicest lips I ever saw. Wanna see some special pictures? Click the link under this introduction.

Curious family. What do you think of Irene Quinn's naked booty? Personally I think it's nice. You see, there is this big argument about size versus shape. She doesn't have a big booty but it's nicely shaped right? This white girl has a nice shaped ass and that's all that should matter right? Check it out.

Yes! When we first put pictures of Denise Taray up, I was hoping eventually she would get naked. I mean, look at her. You couldn't help buy wonder what she'd look like completely naked. So it was with great pleasure to finally see some naked pictures of her posted. Here are three hot ones.

Make no mistake. These are for the sake of search engines. Sometimes you gotta do that. We know you've probably seen these and we also know that several of these are fake. But like we said, it's for a specific reason. So here are pictures of a naked Nicki Minaj real and phony.

Now this is one girl I never talked to or met in any kind of way. She was never featured on here either. Nothing against Amber Fox, but for some reason, although I knew who she was, her fine ass just slipped under the radar. She was super active around 10 years ago, and she was one of the first who ushered in the so called urban glamour industry.

This one kind of means something to me. I used to talk to either Amber Easton or someone who was pretending to be her all the time, via the phone and Twitter. I always suspected it might not have been her but it was certain things she did that kind of proved it. I pasted her all around this site,

Ladies, have you ever been called any of the following adjectives still don't quite understand what any of those are really supposed to mean when coming from the tongue of a guy? The reason is, there are very subtle, yet distinct features between being “hot,” “attractive,” “pretty,” “beautiful,” “cute,” and, finally, “sexy” girls.

Wow is she really cute! This is Shamayne G a cutie with a really nice booty. She doesn't get all the way naked but she likes to tease you with her innocent little facial expressions and by gyrating her butt in the camera. Like I always say, you don't need to have a big butt, you just need a nice one.

Making GGurls superheroes unlike the ever popular (and my second favorite to GGurls characters) Marvel Comics and the ever terrible DC Comics is hard. One because they've thought of every superhero there is and two, because people keep basing our heroes on those comic book characters.

 Thought there was a feature of Baddie Brann on here already. However after searching our database, we found out it was not. So we got this great pictures of her fine ass showing off a lot. Correction... The video posted last night was NOT Baddie Brann... We made a mistake...

You love us here, of course (or you wouldn't be here) but are you getting all the love from GGurls you can handle? Recently Instagram re-instated our Instagram page with 545k followers. Follow us there for more pictures and fun. Trust me, you'll love it. Just click on any pictures and follow us when the app opens up.

Nothing really. She's still around, and looking great as ever. You probably remember her as Tiara Harris or Tiara Forever but I think either she got married and changed her last name or this was always was last name: Tiara Kristine. She's still very much free with her body and it seems she's in a great space.

Okay, this is kind of an enigma for me. I'm not sure if Lela Star was a GGurl before who has now turned into a porn star (it happens a lot you'll be surprised how many and who have done it). The name rings a bell and I remember talking to somebody, if not her, all the time on Twitter. I know the first name was Lela and I think it might have been Lela Knocks.

With the new format of quality pictures we post one of the requirements are pictures of a certain size. But to every rule there is an exception, and Pretty girl Ro is that. She recently joined GGurls as an official and she does what it takes to make things pop. She took these pictures to prove she was the shit and is willing to tease you ;).

When I first saw this girl on Instagram I thought she was the absolute cutest thing ever. She makes these cute little videos that are sexy yet funny. There is nothing better than a down to Earth pretty girl. You won't find this everyday. If you do, your best bet is to try to get with her and keep her.

If you like those booty extra ridiculously big while still belong to a curvy woman then meet Top Notch Chica (the only name she goes by). She has huge round butt that fits your criteria perfectly. She has several videos, lots of cell phone and professional pics of her enormous derriere.

Possibly ascended from a much more ancient time in Earth's history as she constantly hints, Pretty Power is a super human power house with uncalculable stregnth and durabilty. Every feat she can accomplish is due to her near godlike strength. She's a formidable foe to every body she faces and  is basically impossible to be defeated by brute force.

Whenever somebody as great looking as Roxxiie Babiie shows off her bare bottom you better take a look. These type of fine women will post a picture(s) like this to tease you then delete it. It's sexy how they do it. Well thanks to us you got these pictures to enjoy for good. Make sure you go and follow this gorgeous girl and her nice phat booty.

Whaaaa...? After nine months of being disabled on Instagram they gave it back. The account just popped back up online a few days ago. First post we made got an instant 8 thousand likes. It's still poppin'. Why did they give it back I dunno. Some people have told me that Instagram does that. After you make lots of appeals.

Gotta stay on track. What made us, and that's booty. We're known for posting big sexy or just sexy booty. So that means these 3 hot pictures of Sarah Catt showing off her perky firm booty fits the bill. Sarah Catt is so proud of her nice round and brown that she even goes to the beach and strips down to show it off.

This is Light Blade. The latest edition in the now expanding GGurls' Superheroes universe. LIght Blade is actually super long time GGurl and friend Crystal Lee aka Beautiful Dizazter. If you've been around with us for our decade in business you should know her.

Should actually be two versus two... Wait-a-minute... I think I'll change it to that name, from twins versus twins, to two versus two. In fact, I'll start doing more of these. Never know, it might make it more interested. In this 2 on 2 battle we have The Double Dose twins, two short curvy big booty identical twins. Versus Morroca and Bubblez, two impossibly good looking girls who pose naked.

Not sure if this is her correct name but it's the only name she gives on Instagram. Still good for search engine serps however so that's what we'll use. Salmanna has a great body and she's into fitness (we've been getting a lot of that lately). She loves to show off her booty too which makes her a perfect fit around here.

The 4th has come and gone but to me it was just another day at work. If you want anything you have to work hard at it. That's just what I've been doing on GGurls.com this very year. Going. Hard. Updating the site pratically daily and giving you better high quality full pics and great content and it's been paying off.

Two thin hotties who we love around here. Both of their set of pictures did very well when they debuted. Jackie's "extra extra" photo shoot did some nice numbers and Kamoni's "laundry day" photo set did just as well. Now it's time to make your decision. Do you like Jackie better than Kamoni or Kamoni better than Jackie?

Getting a little lazy on this one because I don't know if I used one of these girls before. Don't think I did but I'm not about to search. Even if I did, it's cool because they all will be used multiple times. It's Nadine Kerastas versus Maria Villaba. Both are beyond hot so this will be, as usual, a tough.

How do you know you're fine? When you take pictures and get the unedited versions from the photographer and you post them up knowing they're hot. Cherie amour did just that and these pictures are getting a lot of love on her Instagram account. Bad, bad as fuck I tell you.

Alexis Skyy basically went naked to the BET Awards in this see through dress and we ain't mad at her. This trend is taking over heavily and it needs to be even stronger. She showed off those perfect titties of hers and even her nice ass. Let's hope social media catch up and allow more of this.

Oh this should be a very tough battle. Both have the same type of body and beautiful skin. Both will keep you staring for a long time. If you saw either naked standing in front of you, you wouldn't know how to behave. It's Nikky Coole versus Bobbee Pinns. Now you have to make the decision. You can only choose one.

What's in it for these girls you ask? They take sexy pictures, for social networks and to get on sites like GGurls and then what happens? For most of these sexy vixens, they are hoping to score big. Rather it be by branding themselves and making their own income like a Bundle of Brittany.

Ok which one of these sticker shoot contestants got it going on the most? Is it the sexy Lovely Amazin' or is it the stacked Carrie Out. This is a tough one because both of these girls go hard for GGurls so there is no bias from us. Not saying we're biased to anything but just letting you know lol.

I remember there used to be this guy on Twitter who made a big thing about black porn stars sleeping with white men only. He had an entire blog dedicated to it. Even got mad at us for posting a porn star's modeling pics that he claimed was a sellout. I can't remember the girl's name. That was about 6 years ago.

The latest GGurl Super hero is Hyper! Played by GGurl Flexi Lexxi (Alexis). Her powers are speed (duh). She can run at speeds of Mach 10 and her reflexes and thought processing can match it. Since she runs at such high rates of speed her body has a natural endurance and durability level to protect herself against friction at such speed.

Very similar. Both have nice bodies, pretty skin and faces and are nice at the top (if you know what I mean). This is Dangerously Hawt versus Traciee. Two core Ggurls (shot for the site) now facing off. Here is the hard part. You can only choose one girl. Which one will it be?

Remember the Yay or Nay articles? Love those. We've actually recruited several girls that later showed us the goods because they were chosen. How can you go wrong with that. While on the (very fucked up) social network Instagram, I ran across this chick who tagged us in her some of her photos. Her name is Zoe

Got our favorite girl as a superheroe now. Krystal "Wild B" Parks is Anasi. Her powers are a "stinger" force that can incapicitate or even kill if she so desires. She also has a hypnotic singing voice (she can sing for real) that can entrall lessor enemies of weak will power. She's a good guy (when she wants to be).

OOOOHWEEEE this is maybe the best battle yet? You agree? Panda Supreme versus Gissy Doll. Two fantasy type chicks with some bodies you just won't believe (how good the surgeon did lol). Either way they both look too damn good, and those faces are both natural and pretty. Which one are you going with?

Nothing fake here. This is actually 29 year old Karrueche Tran showing her bare ass in a (very unpopular) 2018 movie called the Honor List. She plays a cheerleader and in this particular scene, she and two other cheerleaders strip down and show off their bodies. We, the audience can only see their rear ends.

Everything I do now is methodical. The title with Instagram in it? On purpose. See to be a successful blogger (because that's all I'm really doing when I post these type articles) I have to do shit for the sake of search engines, because that's where a lot of your traffic comes from.

Might just be the best one we've posted and it's finally about your favorite thing. BOOTY! This is a very good battle between Reezy Animal and Jessica Reddy both shot by GGurls. Both cute with nice butts and both are freaks lol. Nevermind that, what we want to know is which booty do you go with?

Building up towards that comic book. For now we're introducing all the GGurl Superheroes fresh outta my head. Victoria A. Taylor aka Vickie6 or Kitty Vickie 6 is Amp. Her powers are the use of electricity in the form of concussive force blast, shields and electrocution. She also super fast by use of her powers.

You will not believe your eyes when you open this up and look at this girl, Payton Scott. That's a body on her right? She'll get naked for you too. Should be a law against all that sexiness. Those curves, those titties and that ass. Payton Scott got it going on. Okay enough perving from us.

Just did another versus with Lala and I believe she won it. I'm too lazy to actually go check before I finish writing this. This time the big similarities are the nakedness due to wearing only the GGurl stickers. Ace Baby or Boogie or whatever she's going by these days looks damn good herself.

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