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ggurls like you've never seen them before

Been busy the last three days, shooting, working and shooting. On saturday I think I shot for 12 straight hours. Had two girls come from Tenesee, Teanna and Jewels, and had several new girl try out for Ggurls. A Couple I haven't had the chance to edit their pictures yet.

I'll give them separate articles kicking off the GGurl Tryouts. Pretty much like Yay or Nay but these girls specifically came and shot with me just to be a GGurl. Enjoy these pictures, coming soon.

KarKar - Was super impressed with her, just sexy all over, even got a nice video of her.
Karkar Karkar1

Teanna - Was featured on GGurls before but she and Jewels came from Kentucky just to shoot - Love her look

Rarest Jewels - Been knowing Jewels for a minute now, was really impressed she wanted to get back into the game and did so with us. Love her.
Rarest Jewels

Jessica - I actually shot Jessica last year for our Team GGurls shoot in a pool, she finally brought her sexy ass back

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