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If you don't know who Jessica Taras is let me inform you. She pratices yoga and a lot of times she does it in the nude. She's comfortable with it this way and she considers it art.

It is art. It can be considered nothing else. However, of course, there are a bunch of shallow individuals who insist it's "nasty" or (my pet peeve) it's "porn". For any idiot who thinks this is porn please educate your dumb ass self. Porn is a SEXUAL ACT taking place with some type of recording device. She is simply NUDE. Nudity does NOT equal porn IDIOT. But no matter how much I say this there will always be some idiots who're going to insist it's pornographic because they just can't expand their simple ass mind. This woman is beautiful and so is her nude body praticing yoga.

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Instagram: @jesstaras

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Renaissance woman. #yogaafterdark

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