Is Moriah Mills a Sellout?

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I remember there used to be this guy on Twitter who made a big thing about black porn stars sleeping with white men only. He had an entire blog dedicated to it. Even got mad at us for posting a porn star's modeling pics that he claimed was a sellout. I can't remember the girl's name. That was about 6 years ago.

Welp it seems that this guy was on to something that a lot of people felt. Apparently there is a lot of outrage from the black community (porn watchers) about black female porn stars who sleep with white men only. The latest? The new popular 'IT' girl Moriah Mills.

Moriah Mills recently got into porn, like within the last year and she's been a big hit every since. She's hit all the big name porn sites like MOFOS, BangBros, and Brazzers with some iconic scenes. All with white men. She hasn't did any scenes with a black man. None. Does this make her a sellout? A lot of people on her Instagram would definitely say yes. While some defend her. The ones in defense say things like, "it's just business, she'll make more money because white men spend more on porn". Or the ever popular "it's her preference", which is basically defending racism and colorism. Others argue the point that, she's a pornstar (insinuating that she has no morals to begin with) so what does it matter..? "Who cares what a pornstar does?". They state.


We have no opinion on it to be truthful. I mean, she's a pornstar and her job is to fuck while being recorded. Maybe it's white sites that pay her the most? We don't know. We want to know what you think. Is she a sellout because she doesn't fuck black men on film? That is kind of weird considering a dick is a dick. Also it's ironic that she only follows one person on her Instagram account. Serena Williams. Yup, the one who just married a white guy.



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What they're saying on her Instagram. Read the comments.

In this post she made of Stacey Dash the fans really let her have it

It's obvious she's feeling the heat. She made this post
...And in this post you can further tell it's on her mind




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