GGurls' Superheroes!

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ggurls like you've never seen them before

Finally here! Well sorta lol. But the start is here and here is what we'll show you. See, I had this vision about turning girls into superheroes a while ago. Was going to be doing photo shoots and then Photoshopping costumes on them. It's actually better looking than it sounds and if you've been around here for awhile you've seen it.

Problem was it was WAAAAY TOO MUCH work. You had to get the girls to do a completely nude photo shoot and then have a graphic artist to paint the costumes on them. Then on top of all that you'd need a separate good graphic artist to do the panels and backgrounds like a comic book. The time, problems and money that would take up was incredible! So much so that it wasn't worth it. Maybe for a one time published magazine but not for an ongoing series. It literally would have taken thousands of dollars for just a few models. Fuck that.

This idea is cheaper (still cost though) and you can let your imagination run wild, since it's all a real comic book. We have an artist that is drawing your favorite GGurls as a superhero with their own unique powers, name and costume. This is NOT girls posing as well known superheroes from other companies, this is GGurls own original content.

We'll start off with introducing the superheroes in a page with their powers listed and a short bio. After we reach a certain number of girls we'll have a full scale comic book series going. Yes, it will be for sale.

The very first GGurl superhero is Mannequin and her power are to shapeshift to almost any humanoid form. She has regenerative powers due to her ability to alternate her form and she has a natural durabilty to injury. Mannequin actually looks like a Mannequin hence the name. No one knows how she received her powers or if she's a good or bad guy. She chooses not to wear any clothes.Mannequin Mannequin is not based on any real life GGurl. To get the series started I created her completely out of thin air.

I used another artist to do BattleFront's intro page, however after seeing the work for Mannequin I think I should stick with them to do it all. This guy is good, just not as good as the guy(s) who did Mannequin. I'll eventually redo Battle Front who is based on GGurl Tacyianna. The problem is, she doesn't look like Tacyiana at all. Read the page to get her bio. Battlefront So stay tuned! Because this is going to be a huge chapter in the GGurls legacy. Fresh and unique content to keep you coming back for more. Think of all the possibilities. I know I am!

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