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Cookie0You mean all this time I never had an article simply titled: "Cookie"...? Especially with PB Cookie being like my top 3 little girlfriends of all time doing this? That's extremely weird but then again I just answered my own question.

Her name is PB (Peanut Butter) Cookie, because that's what her skin lookies like. One of the best most natural bodies I've ever shot, I used to love me some Cookie. Guess what? She wants to shoot and be my baby again. 


Cookie got completely naked for this one, but then again she never minded being naked at all....

Cookie Dd1 Cookie Dd2 Cookie Dd3 Cookie Cookie1 Cookie2 Cookie3 Cookie4 Cookie5

The good stuff...

Apr 03, 2018

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May 30, 2014

Elizabeth Ruiz

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Mar 23, 2015

Yuli Escobar

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