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This is a good one, a very good one I think. Two simlar girls, Brooke and Shakira face off in this versus battle. They both are naked, they both show basically their booty and they both are high yellow hotties (skin color doesn't determine beauty, just pointing out their similarities. All shades of women are beautiful).

Shakira use to be a big time favorite around here. Brooke is a one timer who pictures were in the top ten percentile of the best on here. A lot didn't see them though. Hey that's another good reason for this series. To showcase hot pictures you may have missed. Here we go.

Brooke @br24ke (IG) by @iconimages
Brooke01 Brooke02 Brooke04


Shakira @shakira_lynn (IG) by GGurls
Shak Shak1 Shak2

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