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Ok, here we go. The other day I said I needed help and I want to change things around. Basically just tired of the same ole shit, over and over. Been doing this website thing since 07' and even though I still have love for it, it's time to do way more stuff. It's time to expand the business with other people and other avenues.

I need help and even better, I just want to change the way things are ran, I want to give others a chance to use GGurls to better (promote) themselves and the company at the same time. This way I don't have to do everything and we can become even bigger.

I just recently built a GGurls app for Apple and Android devices called GGurls TV that I need to concentrate on. I need GGurls to broadcast on a regular basis and help build the app so that we can have our very own media outlet. It will work as it's already shown great promise. Any models want to help with this please let me know and I'll hit you up asap. Photographers too, you can use the app to showcase your shoots. The app is the new thing, as the internet is definitely moving in that direction and we're the VERY FIRST in this industry to do it. Copycats will be coming. Let's give them the blueprint as usual.

I need people to run the Facebook GGurls page. Rather you're a GGurl or a photographer or even a fan, our facebook page has over 200k likes and posts get an average of 3k likes! This is a great way to help the cause, become an administrator and post on the page. You can even post in moderation about your own events. If you model or shoot, you can post yourself/work all the time. Just keep it sexy and on subject. Comment below if you'd like to help run the Facebook page. The more the better.

We need official photographers, people who shoot for GGurls and use GGurls to get clientele. It's photographers doing the shit already but for these official 'togs, I'll promote as such, giving them the sidebar on the desktop, and promotion across our social network sites. Think big people, we can set up powershoots using GGurls' name and split profits. I also need you to be able to post your own work on in the format that I do it. Take a look at any feature in the GGurl section to get an idea. If you're familiar with a CMS script called Joomla you're already half way there. If you know how to run a wordpress site or you're just computer savvy then this will be easy. These are TRUSTED positions that I'm not just giving to anybody. I have to see your work and talk to you. Once you can post on the site on your own you'll have the power to make anyone a GGurl, and trust me, as crazy as it sounds, some girls really really want that title. Trust me. Hit me up.

We need a group of bad ass girls who are OFFICIAL ggurls. I have exclusive GGurls who signed contracts (and that's still open too) however I"m relunctant to sign anyone else until proven. I want a group of girls who promote GGurls and represent themselves as GGurls at all times. Of course you already know that means you have the GG machine behind you. I need these girls to help with the GGurls' app by broadcasting.
I also REALLY need for these group of OFFICIAL GGurls to run our SNAPCHAT, each having a designated time.
You can do basically everything else listed on this page too. You'll have special attention over all other girls besides the exclusives... If you want those 100k followers I'm giving it to you, you have to put in work too though! EVERY girl I pushed is over 100 or even 200k on IG. I'm responsible for so many girls becoming popular and making money off their social media. Let's get it.

If you have your own modeling brand and want to associate with Ggurls well I'm finally going to open the doors. HOWEVER I'm scrutinizing anyone interested as I have did this before and have been burned a few times before. You, 100 percent, absolutely, MUST bring something to the table, rather it be your own models, or new models, or great pictures, or content, it has to be valuable. No crappy magazines or sites will make it. Not being mean but I'm not going to open the doors up just for your come up and you contribute nothing. The possibilities are endless with this. Other people have made money off of GGurls just by collaborating.
Elm Elm

If you're interested in any of this or have ideas of your own, leave a comment and an email. Or better yet email me at: staff @ (no spaces) If you're not serious or you're just trying to leech then don't bother, I'll sniff you out and boot you. I'll probably be adding more to this article as I thnk of more stuff.

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